Double how to draw eyeliner


1. Beat eye socket
Use a pearly foundation to shine on the eye socket for easy eye shadow color and make the color more vivid.
2. Brush eye shadow
Eyelid brushing pink eye shadow, deep eyelid, orbital office to shallow.
3 on the eye liner color
Close to the roots of eyelashes, eyeliner filled with eye liner eyelid gap, to draw uniform.
4.Draw the eyeliner
Fix with a puff to prevent hand shaking. Then use eyeliner to draw a layer on the eyeliner.
5. Brush eyelashes
First brush eyelash, then from the eyelash roots brush. Thick roots lashes, eyelash brush with a.
6. Check eyeliner
Lack of eyeliner makeup places, make the liner painted more rounded.
7. Draw the liner
Draw the eyeliner, only draw the end of eye and corner of the part, the middle of the place to be retained.
8. Makeup eye shadow
Brush the middle part of the lower lashes with mascara and apply slightly more color to the eyes than the eye shadow.