Does novice use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil


What does novice makeup need? Does novice use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil? Novice make-up only need these things can be easily done, of course, novice in makeup is to choose eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder!

What does novice makeup need
Foundation make-up
A perfect bottom makeup, foundation is very important, you can choose the foundation liquid or Concealer powder, choose to close to the skin color, not too white, natural. According to the different skin quality, choose the foundation with different effect. If the skin is more oily, choose the oil controlled foundation. If the skin is dry, choose a moisturizing foundation. Only in this way can the base make-up more comfortable.
make up base
First of all, to make clear one thing, isolation cream is not able to isolate ultraviolet rays, so, isolation cream is mainly to play a touch up and sunscreen effect. You can choose white, green and purple. Generally speaking, the skin of Asians tends to be yellow and dark, and purple is more suitable. If your skin is white, you can choose green.
Eyebrow pencil or brush, eyebrow powder
Beginners suggest using eyebrow pencil, because relatively speaking, eyebrow pencil is the best control, suitable for people with sparse eyebrows. Fill the gap of eyebrow with eyebrow pencil and draw eyebrow tail.
finishing powder
Dry powder, loose powder or powdered cake can be used. The skin is evenly concealer and fixed.
Eye shadow
Beginners recommend choosing the eye shadow of the earth color. This color number is the most difficult to make mistakes, and the natural nude make-up is the result. Whether it's daily or dating, it's very practical. And the color is not complex, it is easy to master.
Eyeliner, eyeliner or eye liner
To stick to the eyelash root, the best time to find a support point, to avoid shaking, half half half, must not be anxious, skilled after good. If you are a star, you can start with the eyeliner, slowly transition to the eye liner, draw more lines of contact practice, and practice makes perfect.
Does novice use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow shape is not complete, and eyebrow is sparse, then eyebrow pencil is a better choice. Because eyebrow pencil is easier to outline the root of clear lines, can also clearly draw the outline. Therefore, it is recommended to use eyebrow pencil for younger sister paper with less eyebrows.
Advantages of eyebrow pencil: convenient and quick, suitable for drawing eyebrow shape, incomplete eyebrow and eyebrow tail.
For people with complete and thick eyebrows, it is recommended to choose eyebrow powder, which can make eyebrows softer. Because people with thick eyebrows, the most important thing is to trim a good-looking eyebrow shape. Eyebrow powder is only used to adjust the background color of eyebrows.
Advantages: eyebrow powder has a very natural and soft effect, lasting color. It can obviously fill the gap between eyebrows and help to modify eyebrow shape. Suitable for beginners.
The details of choosing eyebrow powder
Spices to pay attention to when choosing eyebrow powder: many businesses like fragrance now, so pay attention to the choice of flavor when choosing eyebrow powder, and do not choose the eyebrow powder with too strange and strong flavor. Too many kinds of flavors on your body are bad for you.
Eyebrow powder special brush head: the use of eyebrow powder needs to be equipped with eyebrow powder special brush head. When choosing eyebrow powder brush head, remember to choose 3D three-dimensional brush head, so that the eyebrows can be beautiful, and it is less difficult for novices.
Most of the users of eyebrow powder are familiar with make-up. For beginners, it will be more difficult at the beginning. After mastering the details of make-up, the difficulty will be reduced continuously.
In fact, both eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil are eyebrow tools. There is no rule that eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder must be used. Girls can combine the two to make eyebrows more natural. Novices can try to find the most suitable eyebrow drawing method.
How to choose the color of eyebrow pencil
When buying eyebrow pencil, should choose and hair color similar color, asian girls generally use brown black more suitable. If you have dyed your hair, you can choose it according to the color of your hair. Choose eyebrow pencil (powder) lighter than hair color. Asian women are more suitable for brown, try not to use black completely, will make eyebrows appear too serious.
When choosing eyebrow pencil, pay attention to the following two points
1. Soft texture, no damage to the skin
2. Easy to color
When selecting eyebrow pens, the length of the pen holder must meet the requirements, the appearance and decoration should be beautiful, and the refill should be close to the pen holder without loosening. The hardness of the refill should be moderate.