Does eyebrow pencil need to remove makeup


Do eyebrow pencils need to remove makeup

Using eyebrow pencils to draw eyebrows requires makeup removal. Many people just use facial cleanser to wash off their eyebrows or even do not remove makeup in order to be lazy. But in fact, eyebrow pencils belong to the category of cosmetics. Makeup removers are needed to remove makeup, otherwise it will easily lead to pigmentation. The correct way is to use makeup removers to clean them carefully.

How to remove eyebrow makeup is more convenient

1. Pour the eye and lip makeup remover on a cotton pad, soak the cotton pad, and apply it on the eyebrows for about 15 seconds, then gently wipe off the eyebrow makeup with the cotton pad, and then clean the face with facial cleanser.

2. Pour the eye and lip makeup remover on the makeup remover cotton swab, soak the makeup remover cotton swab, use the cotton swab along the direction of eyebrow growth to remove eyebrow makeup, and finally clean the face with facial cleanser.

How to wash off eyebrow pencil without makeup remover

Foaming facial cleanser is the best choice. After washing, you should wipe some nutrient solution and skin care products. Don’t just wipe it because you feel greasy. Only in this way can you maintain the skin’s water-oil balance and prevent wrinkles and acne. Baby oil can replace makeup remover.

Can I sleep without removing my eyebrow pencil?

Not possible. If the eyebrow powder is not cleaned up, it is likely to penetrate into the pores when you remove the facial makeup, causing the pores to become clogged.