Does dark brown eyeliner look good with makeup?


Golden + purple eye shadow
Gold is very suitable for painting between the eyes, lower eyelids or eyelids, while purple is suitable for any occasion. This combination is very valuable.
Pink Brown Lip Pencil
Do you need to match the lip gloss pen with the same lipstick? Do you need to spend a lot of it? The lip coloring pencil can match Collocation: Nude, pink and even wine red.
Pearl Pink Lipstick
The flashing lips of water gouache all match very well and can be superimposed on any lipstick, and the effects are very natural. It's good to wipe it alone.
Dark brown eyeliner
Black eyeliner is not suitable for everyone, especially those with beautiful eyes. Espresso is a good choice.
Meat pink blush
With some peach flesh, pink blush is all match. No matter how heavy makeup is, HOLD can live.

The technique of simple Eyeshadow with single eyelids
Single eye eyelids are always hard to draw. Some women's single eyelids are very deep. It is difficult to draw a nice feeling. Next, let's learn the method of single eyelid eye shadow, instantly magnify the eyes.
Step 1: use the large eye brush to smear the whole eye frame with brown eye shadow. As the background color, the background color is the base color. It does not need too thick and light stroke.
Step 2: use short haired eye shadow to brush dark brown eye shadow, draw eye liner at eye tail 2/3 position, eye tail also need to pull a small paragraph, and small area halo dye.
Step 3: choose a flat halo dye to brush the deepest part of the brown eye shadow, elongate part of the eye tail, and deepen the sense of existence of the eyeliner.
Step 4: use the small eye shadow to brush the beads of light and brown eye shadow to dye the lower eye tail, paste false eyelashes, Brush Mascara, and instantly finish the eye makeup.
Step 5-6: single eyelid finish make-up picture, the charm of single eyelid blooming is to wear false eyelashes, so that the eyes will appear extra long and big.