Create super beautiful eyebrows


Brow makeup is a great place to enhance a popular field. Learn from the basics, this is a prerequisite for refreshing makeup! It looks like a very simple eyebrow make-up, but more than half of the OLs can't go out without painting their eyebrows every day, so the eyebrows can be said to be an important part of the entry makeup.
1. The focus is on the shallow and deep, the natural gradient makes the eyebrows have a three-dimensional
The eyebrows in the upper edge are painted with a light-colored eyebrow powder.

2. The color should be light! If it is too deep, it will cause a tough image illusion.
The eyebrow powder box is the best tool, and the lightest color is right!
3. Glossy expression will be vivid, to improve eyebrow brightness
Sparse or thick shaking, use eyebrow dye to produce eyebrow gloss!
Find the eyebrows and eyebrows
The end of the eyebrow is the intersection of the extension line of the nose and the end of the eye and the horizontal line of the brow. Then it is the most standard position higher than here. If the eyebrow tail looks lower than the brow, it will feel too old!
The hair flow begins to draw the upper edge
The painting starts from the intersection of the upward growth (front) and the downward growth (rear), and is not depicted beyond the eyebrow and beyond the upper edge of the eyebrow.
Eyebrows - eyebrows, draw the lower edge of the eyebrows
The outline of the drawing is not limited to the outline of the eyebrow. It is the lower pen position than the outer edge by 1 to 2 mm, and the center of the eyebrow is used as the starting point, and it is drawn until the end of the eyebrow.
The lower edge of the eyebrow must be trimmed
Already painted a shallow eyebrow outline, you can find the long and down long eyebrows, and use the elbow of the small scissors to smoothly cut out the arc.

Fill the upper and lower edges with eyebrow powder
For those with thicker eyebrows, using eyebrow powder is the best way to make up the place where there is no color in the middle, and it should be smoothed in the forward and reverse directions to make the color uniform.
Lighter one-color eyebrow powder
Outside the brow and the end of the eyebrow, a light-colored eyebrow powder is gently worn over the upper contour to create a three-dimensional sense of shallowness and deepness.
The brow must be the lightest
The lightest part of the whole eyebrow should be in the brow, brush with the lightest eyebrow powder, shake it off on the paper after the powder is applied, the amount of powder will be just right.
Brush on eyebrow dye
The front end to the eyebrows should be dyed with eyebrow cream. The first half runs along the hair flow from bottom to top, and the second half runs along the hair flow from top to bottom. Finally, all the brushing is completed once! The eyebrow cream can't be directly brushed. If it is too thick, it will stick to the eyebrows. First, it will be peeled off on the paper. It will be more natural to brush it several times.