Cosmetic plastic hose extrusion hose classification


Cosmetic plastic hoses use co-extrusion technology to co-extrude different properties and types of raw materials together and form them at one time. Cosmetic plastic hose co-extrusion hose is divided into single-layer extrusion hose and multi-layer co-extrusion hose.

The former is mainly used for fast-consumption cosmetics (such as hand cream) which have high appearance requirements and low practical performance requirements. Etc.) China Cosmetic Packaging management, the latter is mainly used for the packaging of high-end cosmetics.

The main advantages of cosmetic plastic hose co-extruded hoses are as follows.

(1) Since there is no edge seal, the appearance effect is better than that of the composite hose, which is necessary for the packaging of high-grade cosmetic hoses.

(2) According to the different extrusion die, various shapes of extruded hoses, such as oval and square, can be produced to meet the needs of different consumers.