Cosmetic packaging design trend sharing


The popular trend of cosmetic packaging design is the information that every designer should grasp. Only by grasping these trends can we design the cosmetic packaging design with high popularity and acceptance. Next, I will tell you more about it.

1. The design is clear and clear
Desalting the elements used in cosmetic packaging design can grasp the focus of product communication. In our fast-paced world, consumers don't always have time to study every detail of cosmetic products. A clean cosmetic packaging design can convey information, make the product shiny and easy to use. Cosmetic packaging design adheres to clear and simple elements to ensure that such design helps buyers make more informed decisions.
2. Use bright colors
Color has always been one of the important choices in cosmetic packaging design, because color can affect consumers' purchase decisions. Now bright colors and vibrant contrasts are becoming common on store shelves. Color is used to distinguish different colors in a product line. Consumers may not remember the names or numbers of their favorite flavors, but they can certainly recall the bright colors of the packaging.
3. Use handwritten font
Many designers like to create their works by hand. For cosmetic packaging design, this is to achieve organic effect: irregular lines or natural texture filling can make the product show a little warmth and stand out, and can distinguish it from digital design. This warmth can create the emotional bond of the product, make it feel handmade and healthy, or convey the feeling of nostalgia.
4. Narration with illustration
There is a story or idea behind every cosmetic packaging design. At present, many cosmetic packaging design has begun to integrate narrative illustration. Illustration is becoming an important weapon for cosmetic packaging designers. The rich content behind the story or illustration will remind us of a long time ago.

5. Use repeating patterns
We know that the use of beautiful design can make ordinary cosmetics packaging more attractive. To capture the essence of the brand visual theme into repeated patterns can send a strong message to consumers. No matter whether you use bold or fun repetitive patterns, patterning your cosmetic packaging can create a strong identity message that consumers will remember.
6. Show product
Modern designers are trying to show the product in the packaging, which will also require the design of cosmetic bottle body is of quality. Whether it is to encourage tactile interaction or form recognizable or humorous shapes, creating a transparent window in cosmetic packaging design can display cosmetic products in a meaningful way so that consumers can stay and pay attention to it.
7. Environmental protection packaging
Environmental protection has always been a new trend in any industry, and it has also been applied in cosmetics packaging design industry. Environmental protection, biodegradable, natural, sustainable... It doesn't matter how to name, green packaging will be a trend for a long time. In addition to the positive impact on the environment, the environmental protection packaging design of cosmetics can also save the company's costs and attract consumers who pay attention to environmental protection.