Cosmetic packaging design skills and attention elements


The importance of cosmetic packaging design is reflected in many well-known brands. We must master some skills and principles when designing to make a cosmetic packaging design. Next, I will introduce you: What are the cosmetic packaging design skills and attention elements?

Cosmetic packaging design skills

First of all, it sorts out and analyzes the cosmetic packaging design methods and methods of the existing cosmetics brands around the world, and comes to the counters of major shopping malls to conduct investigations and researches on their cosmetic packaging design, mainly for well-known brands that customers are more keen to buy. The brand conducts analysis and discusses the cosmetic packaging design methods of customers for selecting and purchasing popular and well-known brands. The purpose of mastering these contents is to obtain inspiration.

Secondly, according to the elements of cosmetic packaging design such as fusion of colors, patterns, texts, and integrating them into the spiritual needs of cosmetics products, the packaging design of cosmetic products is carried out, and their characteristics and advantages are analyzed and summarized, and the packaging of all countries in the world is integrated. Characteristics, find insufficient support, improve in many aspects, and then learn, then carry out combing, and finally produce basic ideas and design principles.

Furthermore, it analyzes the psychological state and aesthetics of different consumer groups, and integrates the visual communication design and individual characteristics of cosmetic packaging design to analyze the overall design plan. When developing product packaging design, design a cosmetic packaging design that is suitable for the selected skin care brand, has its own characteristics and can attract customers' desire to buy.

Elements of cosmetic packaging design attention

Experience packaging

The first touch of a new product itself should be a feeling. Experiential packaging in cosmetic packaging design correctly guides customers to interact with the product and select it. It is the first key factor in purchasing. Packaging selection that attracts the attention of customers is an important way to arouse customer interest. Distinctive styles, dialog boxes, placed samples, distinctive looks and textures can all generate higher levels of interest.

Clear brand

Cosmetic packaging design must have a clear well-known brand logo, so that loyal consumers can easily find new products, and new consumers who are interested in a particular cosmetic packaging design will also recognize the product as a series of products of the brand a part of. Many designers of very successful cosmetics brands know that simplicity creates a high-quality brand image, and colorful design schemes are a development trend. It is already in rapid fashion, but proper design schemes can be maintained. High-quality brand image.

Excellent design plan

Cosmetic packaging design must excel from many products. The elements that make cosmetic packaging design more attractive are the packaging surface treatment, color tone or style. In a field of high saturation, excellent design is a prerequisite. These skin care products, which mainly show a high-quality brand image on the packaging, are more attractive to customers. The scientific research behind the rational design plan involves the creation of subconscious design styles among customers. This element involves all areas of packaging design, including color, style, processing technology, logo and graphics.