Cosmetic packaging design inspiration and ideas


Inspiration is very important for a designer, but for cosmetic packaging design, only some creative inspiration is far from enough. To play the value of packaging, it also needs to involve many realistic elements. Next, I will introduce you: cosmetic packaging design inspiration and creative ideas.

Cosmetic packaging design inspiration

1. Meet the product function

The packaging design of cosmetics is different from other product packaging designs, and we must pay attention to the product functions that conform to the cosmetics itself. Cosmetic packaging design is a commercial complex of plastic arts and technology. You can’t just focus on plastic arts and not care about the rationalization of packaging design itself. Cosmetic packaging design has three characteristics, individualization, independent innovation, and environmental protection. Regarding the cosmetic packaging design program, it is necessary to develop the design program from the dimensions, appearance, and fitness level to meet the function of the product.

2. Refer to competitors

Know the enemy and confidant, win every battle. If you blindly think about it in your own circle, no matter how esoteric designers are, they can't get rid of their own circle. Can moderately escape from one's own circle, when there is no design idea, take a look at similar cosmetic packaging designs. Naturally, we should also pay attention to copyright awareness and avoid infringement. For competitors of the same type of cosmetics, you can look at how they package their products and think about the improprieties of their own designs.

3. Personalization

Personalization is also an essential element of cosmetic packaging design. If you want your cosmetic packaging design to have a sense of fashion, you must follow the trend and try your best to attract consumers' attention. For cosmetic packaging design, there is actually a very broad development space. For design, one's own imagination is extremely impressive. While considering realistic factors, personalization is an indispensable element in any design.

4. Marketing

The final purpose of cosmetic packaging design is to allow customers to leave a deep impression on everyone's cosmetics, and finally have the effect of invisible marketing and promotion. Therefore, cosmetic packaging design solutions must also be considered in terms of rationality and applicability, and continue to follow the fashion trends and carry out improvements. If a skin care product is the first to leave a deep impression on customers due to its product packaging design, then such a design scheme is undoubtedly a success.