Comparison of eyeliner and Eyeliner


Eyeliner usually has natural and gentle features. It can depict the natural makeup effect of layers, and is easier to master than eyeliner. But most of them are easy to make up. After coating, the eye color can be improved according to the shape of the eyeliner. Waterproof Eyeliner (liquid) only needs to be removed with special remover. Eyeliner generally does not faint, use smooth lines, clear, eye makeup realistic and prominent.

But the eyeliner must be coated several times, and do not dip too much at a time, take less and take more. When painting, the tip must be tightly attached to the eyelash, and use the cotton stick on the back to dye it evenly to keep the uniform effect. In addition, it is recommended that beginners use products with rougher tip, because the brush is hard and easy to master.