Comparison of eyeliner and eyeliner pen


Eyeliner pen
Compared with the eyeliner, in the daily life, the eyeliner pen should be well grasped, and the eyeliner drawn with the eyeliner pen is colorful and not easy to remove makeup. When used, the pen is smoother. The more prominent point is that since most eyeliner pens are relatively thin, if they are used by beginners, they may be repeatedly drawn because they are unskilled, which makes it difficult to control the thickness of the eyeliner. It is recommended to buy an eyeliner pen with a hard pen or a fine pen. This is easier to grasp. If possible, try to try it on the back of the hand. If it is dry, it will not be agglomerated, and it should be rubbed with a hand. See if it will fade or smudge. Need to be reminded that the eyeliner pen can not draw the effect of smoking, nor can it draw a layered layer. Therefore, the eyeliner pen is suitable for the general level of makeup.

The eyeliner is similar in shape to a pencil. There are many colors. Commonly used are black and brown. You can prepare one for each eyebrow. The eyebrows can also be used. Compared with the eyeliner pen, the eyeliner is easier to color, and the color is better controlled, but it is easy to smudge, and the inner eyeliner is not convenient, but the effect of drawing the eyeliner is good. In general, makeup beginners are advised to use eyeliner to draw eyeliner because the eyeliner's refill is soft and does not harm delicate skin. You can wait until the makeup skills are improved before using other eyeliner tools. If you are worried about blooming, you can apply a small amount of powder on the eyeliner before you draw the eyeliner. This will solve the problem of eyeliner. Don't use too much force when painting. After all, draw around the eyes, don't be too light, it won't be colored, it will look imaginary, and you should see if the lines drawn are even, smooth, and the coloring is not clear enough.