Beginners use eyeliner or eyeliner?


Do beginners use eyeliner or eyeliner?
Makeup is a process of groping and learning for the novice. What are the skills of novice makeup? Novice is using eyeliner or eyeliner? What are the new makeup needs? Here are the related information and information collected by Xiaobian. Let's take a look.
Beginners use eyeliner or eyeliner. It's easier for beginners to use eyeliner.
Eyeliner - what brand of eye liner is good? Bibi's head is hard, and it is a kind of Eyeliner product that is easy to master. It is easy to color. But it has poor eye touch and is suitable for beginners. Because pencil sharpener pencil eyeliner is too easy to break, automatic eye liner is now introduced, which is not easy to break and durable.
Eyeliner Gel pencil - gel formula, painted eyeliner is also more silky, lighter, more darker color; 1.8MM's very thin refill, depicts very fine lines, eye makeup is more exquisite, anti halo formula, can maintain 24 hours of water and sweat, eye makeup is more durable, more clean.

What do novice makeup need
Foundation -- a perfect bottom makeup, foundation is very important. You can choose liquid foundation or Concealer powder, choose skin color near, not too white, be natural. According to the different skin quality, choose the foundation with different effect. If the skin is more oily, choose the oil controlled foundation. If the skin is dry, choose a moisturizing foundation. In this way, you can make up more fit.
Isolation cream - first of all, we need to make sure that the isolation cream can not isolate ultraviolet rays, so the isolation cream mainly plays a role of moisturizing and sunscreen. You can choose white, green and purple. Generally speaking, the skin of Asians is yellow and dark, and the purple one is more suitable. If your skin is white, you can choose green.
Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow brush, eyebrow powder - beginners are advised to use eyebrow pencil, because eyebrow pencil is relatively the best control, suitable for people with sparse eyebrows, use eyebrow pencil to fill the gap between eyebrows and draw eyebrow tail.
Makeup powder can be used for dry powder, loose powder, and also can be used as powder, mainly for skin after even concealer and fixed makeup.
Eye shadow - beginners choose to choose the eye shadow of the earth. This color number is the most difficult to make mistakes. It is natural nude make-up. Whether it's daily or dating, it's very practical. Moreover, the color is not complicated and easy to master.
Eyeliner, eye liner or eyeliner cream - to stick to the root of the eyelash, when the hand is written, it is best to find a support point to avoid shaking, half and half. If you are a star, you can start with the eyeliner, slowly transition to the eye liner, draw more lines of contact practice, and practice makes perfect.