Basic method of drawing Eyeliner


Everyone draws differently. After the eyeliner is painted, it will be repeated several times. So suggest that you first draw eyeliner, first use the Eyeliner Pen to draw.
How to handle Eyeliner Pen
Imagine how you hold a pencil. Yes, that's the position. The more you hold your hand, the better. Why do you move forward? Because the more you move forward, the better you control the strength and position of your pen. Also, it's important to grind the pen round before you use it.
Manipulation 2. How to pull eyelids
First, find a mirror and place it 20 to 30 centimeters away from your face (depending on the degree of myopia in your eyes). Use your thumb or ring finger to gently lift your eyelids up.
Techniques 3. Where to Start Painting
Put your brush on the eyelash root of the eye you painted. Draw from the end of the eye (where the crow's tail lines are prone) to the corner of the eye (where the eyes are closest to the nose). Pay attention to piecewise drawing. The length of each piece is about 2-3 mm. Determine the length according to your proficiency.

Technique four. How to deepen the eyeliner
Use the brush to paint repeatedly. When you paint, you should pay attention to the posture of your hands. First, pull the corners of your eyes to the nose with your index finger, then draw them from the corners of your eyes to the eyes and tail. This will make your Eyeliner look more slender, not too thick and too deep.
Technique five. How to draw the eyeliner
It is generally not recommended to draw eyeliner, but if you want to draw, you can draw a picture according to the technique: first use the ring finger lightly to pull down the eyelids, then close the eyelashes, draw the lower Eyeliner from the eye tail to the corner of the eye.
Manipulation 6. How to Strengthen Eye Corner
Use the eyeliner to draw the corner of the eyelash to the corner of the eye to create the effect of gradual withdrawal of the eyeliner.
Skills 7. How to Use Cotton Rod
The sponge head of cotton swab is pressed with hard objects, then the eye liner is pushed from the corner of eye to the eye tail, so that the lines can be more natural and clearer.
Technique eight. How to dizzy Eyeliner
From the corner of the eye to the eye tail direction dizzy eyeliner, pay attention to do not use excessive strength.
Okay, let's start with today's tutorial and wish you all a beautiful life.