Apply eyeliner first on single eyelid, why?


Do you apply eyeliner or eyeliner on single eyelids? The correct way is to make the base makeup first, then put on the beauty stickers, and finally create the eyeliner and eyeliner. There is a certain reason for this procedure. After the base makeup is done, powder should not be applied, because the powdery surface is not easy to stick the beauty mask. When drawing eyeliner, if you use liquid eyeliner, just draw a thin line against the roots of the eyelashes, otherwise you will encounter the beauty stickers. Speaking of this, beginners should remember that when learning makeup, the position of the beauty mask should not be too close to the eyelashes or too close to the top of the eyelids.

Some people will be more obvious after posting beautiful eyes, and they will think it is fake. If you want to conceal such an effect, you need to use eyeliner, eye shadow, eyeliner and other tools. For example, you can draw a thicker eyeliner, then blend some darker eyeshadow, and then brush the eyelashes thicker. However, the result of this is that the whole makeup is a bit thick, but the eyes look very beautiful. So how much does it cost to learn makeup? If you want to know more about this, please feel free to contact us!

If the eyeliner is drawn first, it is easy to confuse the eyeliner when applying the beautiful eye sticker, and then there will be a feeling of being bound when the beautiful eye sticker is applied, which will affect the effect. And the beautiful eyes stickers are wide and thin, so when choosing beautiful eyes stickers, you have to choose them according to your eye shape. Some friends say that it’s not easy to stick the Meimu stickers firmly. This may be due to the quality of the Meimu stickers itself, or it may be a problem with the operating procedures. If it is not strong, you can also use a little glue to paste the false eyelashes.

After knowing whether to apply eyeliner or eyeliner first on the single eyelid, you can also use other questions to learn more about eyeliner makeup!

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