Analysis on the development trend of cosmetic plastic hose


At present, with the adoption of some new materials and new processes, cosmetic plastic hoses have the following trends.Environmental protection is not only the disposal of packaging waste, but also the environmental pollution and resources consumed in the production process. The introduction of aluminum-plastic composite hoses and all-plastic composite hoses, the most economical, easy-to-recycle sheets, especially all-plastic composite hoses, when using EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) and other high barriers.

After the material is completely replaced by aluminum foil, the composite tube can be completely recycled and is beneficial for biodegradation. Sanying has successfully developed a plastic-plastic composite hose based on aluminum-plastic composite hoses, which is widely used in toothpaste packaging. However, compared with the aluminum-plastic composite pipe, the all-plastic composite pipe has a certain gap in the extrusion resilience and the barrier property. In a long period of time, this will still limit the process of completely replacing the aluminum-plastic composite pipe with the all-plastic composite hose. .

Cosmetic plastic hoses are mainly used for the packaging of cosmetics. Therefore, from the perspective of ensuring the safety performance of their products, hygienic performance is always the first consideration, and it is increasingly enhanced. Reflected in raw materials, first of all, there are certain restrictions on the physical and chemical indicators and abnormal toxicity of films, particles, adhesives, inks, etc.

Currently, there is an increasing emphasis on personalization in the material use and design of cosmetic plastic hoses. Such as non-standard pipe diameter and personalized length to diameter ratio, distinctive pipe shoulders and caps, ovals and other types of pipe body selection, unique sealing shape, sealing film, wide application, hot stamping, screen printing , the labeling and other modification processes, as well as the use of anti-counterfeiting processes such as optically variable inks and laser cursors.In short, with the further development of cosmetic plastic hoses, its application in the field of daily chemicals will become wider and wider.