Analysis of dust free workshop of cosmetics OEM factory


In recent years, the rapid development of the beauty industry, especially by the trend of wechat business, has poured into a large number of people, but also injected fresh blood into the beauty industry, cosmetics brand categories are also increasing. In order to meet the needs of the market, OEM comes naturally. However, in the face of many OEM manufacturers, how much do you know? What is the GMPC standard enterprise, what is the dust-free workshop, and what is the meaning of GMPC 100000 level workshop? With these questions, let's make a simple understanding.
What is the dust-free workshop of cosmetics?
Dust free workshop, usually refers to the room designed specially to control the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration, lighting and static electricity within a certain demand range, by removing the particles, bacteria, harmful air and other pollutants in the air within a certain space. No matter the external air condition changes, the indoor can maintain the required cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure and other performance characteristics.
What is gmp100000 workshop?
GMPC dust-free workshop refers to the workshop with cleanliness meeting the requirements of GMPC, while 100000 level refers to the 0 allowed in one foot space. The number of 5-micron dust particles is less than 100000. Similarly, 300000 refers to the 0 allowed in one foot space. Within 300000 dust particles of 5 microns.
Three stage filtration system?
The workshop cleaning system of cosmetics mainly consists of three levels (i.e. primary, middle and high) air filtration central air conditioning air supply, return and exhaust systems, power and lighting systems; monitoring, alarming, fire fighting and communication systems of working environment parameters; people flow and logistics systems; process pipeline systems; maintenance structure, electrostatic ground treatment and other aspects of the required implementation content, forming the air The whole equipment and equipment supporting and building included in the commissioning and purification system project.

Principle of cleanliness of air shower room in dust free workshop?
In the dynamic situation, the bacteria and dust in the dust-free workshop come from the operator. Before the operator enters the workshop, he must use clean air to blow and drench the dust particles attached to the clothes surface according to the standard to play the role of airlock. When a clean air flow is sent into the room from the air supply outlet, it will quickly diffuse and mix, and at the same time, it will exhaust the air flow from the air return outlet. By using the mixing and dilution effect of the clean air supply, the indoor air with high dust concentration will be diluted. At the same time, the uniform diffusion of the pollutants produced by the indoor pollution sources can also be discharged out of the room in time to achieve the corresponding dynamic balance, which can meet the needs of the room In order to achieve a better mixing and dilution effect of the air supply, the key is to make the indoor air flow spread quickly and evenly.
Generally, in cosmetics OEM processing plants, 10000 level air purification standard is adopted for storage room; 100000 level air purification standard is adopted for laboratory, raw material room, filling room, inner packaging material disinfection storage room and dressing room; 300000 level air purification standard is adopted for other areas;
It can effectively remove 99 from the air. 97% bacteria and dust ensure that all cosmetics products are manufactured and packaged in a safe environment, ensuring the best quality of products.