Analysis of 3 types of eyeliner texture for beginners to buy the right eyeliner


Today I will bring you a tutorial on eye makeup. I believe everyone knows that makeup is necessary to draw eyeliner. I'm sure that many people don’t know the choice of eyeliner tools very well, so today Mr. Ren Bin will tell you Said, the usage of eyeliner, eyeliner and liquid eyeliner.

As a novice, what troubles you most when applying eye makeup? I believe many people are eyeliners. Teacher Ren Bin tells you that if you want to draw a good eyeliner, choosing the right tool is the key. Today, Mr. Ren Bin is here to show you how to choose between eyeliner, eyeliner and liquid eyeliner.

Eyeliner: It is one of the most common products. The pen shape is divided into two types: automatic rotation and one that needs to be sharpened.

The revolving refills are mostly gel-like pastes, which will smudge before drying, but can prevent smudging after drying. Especially the makeup of the eyeliner pen will last longer after the makeup is set. The biggest disadvantage of the rotary pen is that the tip of the pen is too thick and it is difficult to grasp when drawing the end of the eye. It is more difficult to draw a beautiful arc, so it is more suitable for drawing inner eyeliner and easy to color, but it is filling the gap between eyelashes. Sometimes, it tends to stick to the eyelashes.

Although the eyeliner that needs to be sharpened is a bit cumbersome and wasteful, you can freely adjust the thickness and draw a more beautiful eyeliner. For beginners, you need a sharpened eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliner pen: It is divided into two types: soft tip and hard tip.

The soft-tip liquid eyeliner pen looks like a brush, while the hard-tip pen looks like a watercolor pen. The color of the liquid eyeliner pen is very full. When drawing nude makeup, the eyeliner is very deliberate, it is not easy to smudge, and it dries quickly. It may not be very good for novices and it is not convenient to modify. But because the pen tip is very fine, it is very good when drawing the end of the eye, as long as you are skilled, you can draw a very beautiful eye end.

Eyeliner: Paste can be drawn with the help of tools. There are generally several eyeliner brushes.

When using the eyeliner brush to draw eyeliner, the main thing is to see which one suits you, and whichever is easy to choose. Eyeliner is more waterproof and anti-smudge, but it still depends on which brand it is. The way to get it is to control the amount and the thickness of the eyeliner.

If the paste is smooth, it is easier to smudge, and it is not easy to have a line feeling. Lazy people may find it very troublesome, because after each use, they have to clean the brush. In addition, people with oily eyelids are not suitable for eyeliner, and it is better to use eyeliner.

So when choosing eyeliner by yourself, finally choose according to what you have and the texture of the product. I hope this can bring you some benefits.