A variety of makeup pen selection


There are many types of makeup pen: there are lines used for painting lips; there are used to draw the entire eyelid; for eyebrows; there are used to correct the eye makeup and its makeup make-up pen.
Make-up pen should not be too dry nor too soft, should be based on different needs to become a special type of paste. If the makeup pen [3] can not meet the specific requirements, the effect of makeup is not satisfactory.
According to different makeup parts, choose makeup pen is also different stress:
1. For eye makeup, should choose a moderate soft makeup pen.
2. The makeup of the lips is best to use a hard refill, so that the makeup of the makeup is more durable.
3. Tattoo makeup pen should be harder, so as to draw a clear, slender, durable eyebrow line.
4. Make-up pen on the eyelid makeup (modify the local make-up errors) should be used soft pen makeup pen.https://www.cosmeticpenpackaging.com/