6 strokes big eyes painted


Point 1:
Eyebrow brush on the cream creamy eye shadow first choice cream creamy eyeshadow, a large area smear in the orbital Department, which allows eye shadow powder to better serve the eye skin.
Point 2:
Eye folds painted brown eyeshadow to eye shadow brush James take brown eye shadow powder, from the eyes began to slowly open halo, the entire double fold can be covered.
Point 3:
Lower eyelid eye end coarse eyes and then fine then take eye shadow powder, painted from the end of the eye to the eye, the entire box around the eyes, eye liner to connect the end of the eye to be the most thick, eyes can be fine, natural.
Point 4:
Then draw a contact line to make the eyes bigger and more God, you can then take eyeshadow, eyelashes along the lower eyelid roots, draw a contact line.
Point 5:
Brush mascara and then brush on mascara brush, must be dense and clear root, in order to highlight the effect of smoked makeup.
Point 6:
Brush out a thin eyebrow makeup smoke more concentrated, it is recommended to draw a more detailed eyebrows, it will not give too much sense of oppression.