5 kinds of Eyeliner are painted Eyeliner?


1. the type of Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be divided into several, a liquid type, pen type, dip in the brush powder type, the most common type of pencil, and the recent popularity of the gel type.

Thin and bright eyeliner can be drawn. Double fold eyelid not obvious eye, also can not arbitrarily open, sketch easily. Beginners to proficiency, need a little time, you can first use the pencil proofing, this can avoid missed.

2.Pencil type Eyeliner

The easiest type for beginners. Although very easy to open, but there are many waterproof products market. Eye shadow on the pencil liner, more or less to prevent the phenomenon of opening.

3.Gel / Cream Eyeliner

Compared to pencil type eyeliner, less open, easier to adjust the thickness. But apply another brush, it's a bit of a bother. No eyelid cases, no additional eye shadow to give the key, also can easily design eye makeup.

4.Pencil Eyeliner

Mixed with black toner, low viscosity, spread thin and natural. Able to interpret bright eyes.

5.Powder eye shadow

No need to buy Eyeliner powder, you can directly use dark colors such as brown eye shadow instead. Suitable for outlining the natural eyeliner, the eyeliner slightly painted a little easier to smoke interpretation.

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