Tips on How to Get Perfect Eyebrows


Have you ever wished you could have eyebrows like Jennifer Lopez but in this current climate do not feel you can stretch to employing two eyebrow make-up artists, an eyebrow specialist and an eyebrow assistant? Well, you can get a few tips after reading this article.

It is well known that eyebrows not only frame the face but give it real definition and balance. Brows therefore need to be in tip-top shape and condition at all times. If the idea of eyebrow threading doesn't appeal either from a cost or pain point of view, then there are other ways to enhance these very important features.

Here are 4 tips to shape your eyebrows

1. Pluck only from the underside of the brow in the direction that the hair grows. Don't pluck from the top of the brow and chance plucking too much and losing the shape of the brow. You may also want to pluck any stray hairs between the brows. If you find it painful apply a lubricant before you pluck, preferably one that had a dulling effect like oral gel.

2. If you find your eyebrows are starting to thin use a brow color to fill them in using feather strokes, do not draw on lines in place of eyebrows.

3. The color of brows should be as same as your hair or a shade lighter.

4. Your brow should start right above the inner corner of your eye. To determine where the eyebrow should start place a pencil against the nostril and line it up with the inner corner of your eye. Your eyebrow should end at a diagonal with the outer corner of your eye. To determine this, place a pencil at the side of your nose ending at the outer corner of your eye. The eyebrow should arch above the outer rim of the iris.

Then you can use an eyebrow pencil to perfect your eyebrows, but using an eyebrow pencil can be a hard thing to master. If you have never used an eyebrow pencil the first few times you do so you will want to go to a professional because they can give you the best look, which will enable you to learn how to do it. Your eyebrow pencil should be a close shade to your eyebrows; if you have light eyebrows do not use a black eyebrow pencil because you want the eyebrow pencil to look natural. You should blend in the pencil with an angled brush so that you can create the natural look.