Just What Are The Qualities Of Perfect Eyebrows?


Keeping your eyebrows in a perfect shape is very vital. Well-groomed eyebrows help draw attention to your eyes and make them look bigger. Eyebrow fashions change frequently, from full to pencil thin depending on what fashion world wants to show them as. The most sensible option is to stick to the natural but well-care for look as their shape and expressions that harmonizes with your face.

To determine how to shape the eyebrows, take the pencil and put it at the beginning of your inner eye, going straight up vertically. This is where the eyebrow should begin. Any hairs going outside this line can be tweezed.

Now place the pencil vertically on the outside of the iris of your eye, that is the edge of the dark circle surrounding the colored part of your eye. This should be the highest point of your eyebrow or your arch point. So leave the hair line a bit thicker from the bridge of the nose to the arch and tweeze up to the arch making as straight a line as you can.

Next, place the pencil at outside edge of your nose to the end of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should end. So tweeze a thinner line from the high point of your arch to this last point.

Lastly, take the eyebrow brush and brush your brows downwards. You can trim carefully trim all the hairs that are too long. You can now brush the eyebrows upwards and do the same thing, trimming all the hairs that fall too much over the eyebrow line.

The color of eyebrow depends on the color of your hair. Usually a shade lighter than your hair may be. But if you are one who dyes their hair blond for example, and your original hair is dark brown, you need to have your eyebrows lighten to harmonize with your hair. If you dye your hair on a regular basic ask your hair stylist about doing your eyebrows at the same time.

Caring for your eyebrows the simple way.

Tweezers, eyebrow pencil and a clean mascara wand are simple tools you will need. If you are blond, you may find there is a problem finding a eyebrow pencil that matches closely to your color eyebrows, you may find that using eye shadow works better for you.

You can do many things to maintain your eyebrows and make them show off your beautiful eyes after professionally shaping your eyebrows. Use a eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps you may have in your eyebrows. The idea is you don't want to see that you may of added color just definition. Extend the eyebrows very slightly at the outer corner and accentuate the natural arch of your brows. If you don't have a natural arch, don't be sad that's just how it might be. Ask your professional if its possible to create one, if not don't try.

Your finish look is an natural shape and arch of your eyebrows that has open up the eye area making your eyes seen.