How to Fill In or Draw Perfect Eyebrows


You can show your emotions by your eyebrow. Additionally, eyebrows frame your eyes and highlight them; the correct eyebrow shape can instantly enhance your eyes. If your eyebrows are thin and sparse, you can fill them in with eyebrow powder or pencil. Eyebrow pencil deposits more color and gives a bolder appearance, while eyebrow powder creates a softer eyebrow. Once fully groomed, keep your eyebrows in place using products already present in your home. Here are instructions to teach you how to draw realistic and attractive eyebrows.

You can choose an eyebrow photos in the magazines which you want to copy. Cut out your favorite photo and keep it in sight when drawing your eyebrows.

Trace over the hairs that will need be eliminated to achieve your eyebrow look. Use white eyeliner to give the illusion that the hairs are gone. Try variations of eyebrow looks until you are happy with the results.

Comb the eyebrow hairs up toward the forehead with an eyebrow brush. Trim any hairs that appear above the top of your natural arch. You should be careful about cutting hairs on the ends of the brows in order to avoid bald spots.

Draw an imaginary line from the tear duct peak to the outer edge of the iris. It shows where you should put the top of the arch on.

Draw a second imaginary line from the outer edge of the iris to the outer corner of the eye to represent the downward slant of the arch. Tweeze any hairs that are outside the eyebrow shape.

Wipe down the eyebrows with a cotton ball dipped in astringent. Comb out the eyebrows and wipe away any loose hairs.

Fill in sparse areas on the eyebrows with a sharpened eyebrow pencil. Apply light strokes over the existing hairs. Choose a brow pencil that matches the natural color of your eyebrows.

Wide set eyes can appear closer set and more attractive if you emphasize the inner eye area with color to draw eyes together. Apply eyeliner pencil all way across the bottom lid with only a tiny extension on the outer corners.

You shouldn’t keep your eye make-up when you sleep. The best way to get rid of make-up is by using cotton dipped in cleanser. The best way to get rid of eye make-up is Vaseline; it also helps moisturize your eyes. Cleansing is an important aspect in skin care.

When applying or removing eye make up, do it gently. It is the area that first shows the fine lines that can turn ugly as the years go by so use plenty of moisturizer. Softly dab your preferred cleanser with cotton wool pads, then use a fresh cotton wool pad to gently apply a good moisturizer.