How To Apply Your Eye Makeup


Are you a little confused on how to apply your eye makeup? Well, you're only a few steps away to applying your eyebrow like the professionals. The colors you use makes a huge difference on how much your eyes stand out. Eyeliner and mascara puts that finished touch on your whole look.

The first step is to shaping your eyebrows. Using the brow comb, brush your eyebrow hairs straight up, starting at the inner end and working your way out. Use the cuticle cutter to trim off any hairs that are uneven with the rest, and create a smooth, straight line. Next, hold the eyeliner pencil flush with your nostril, and angle it so that it crosses the inner tear duct of your eye. The pencil should also cross your eyebrow, giving you the perfect "starting point" for your brow to begin. Using the eyeliner, mark this line on your eyebrow. Then, use the eyeliner to draw in the structure of the brow you desire. Try to steer clear of creating one thin line, which can appear juvenile, and stick with a plump, full brow, which adds definition to the eyes and brow bone.Using the tweezers, pluck any hairs that fall outside of the black line. Dampen the washcloth with warm water and wipe away the eyeliner.

The line may seem to be slightly thicker than we would see when using liquid or gel liners. If this look is what you expect, it is fine. And if not, we can still use pencil liners to achieve the look you are going for.

To essentially parallel to your lid, you should use the pencil sideways. It request you to use a hand lightly, and therefore you will get a lighter and thinner line. Another trick to get a thinner line is to draw the line halfway between your lid and your lash line. You will get a much thinner line as only half of the pencil will be hitting your skin. Of course, another option would be to smoke out or smudge the liner. In order to do this, apply the liner as messy as you want to the upper lid then take a smudge brush, clean eyeliner brush, or even a cotton swab and blend out the harsh color and line of the liner you just applied. You can move it up on to your lid to wear it as a shadow or keep it close to the lash line.

Tightlining, one of my favorite techniques, is most easily and effectively done using pencil eyeliner. We will be lining the upper portion of the inner lash line, starting in the center and moving out, then coming back to the center and moving in. To get to the area, use the end of a brush or a clean finger to gently push your lid up, exposing the wet area. If you are trying it for the first time, it may tickle and your eyes may water a bit but both of those things dissipate with time.

Finally, using Mascara can really help to give lashes definition. If you have thinning or small lashes then use an eye shadow and really work it into the lashes, layering as you go which will help to give definition. Then with your mascara brush begin at the base of the lash and quickly move the brush up through the lash to the tip and repeat if you want more coverage. This way you will prevent clumping and help lashes to look longer and thicker.