How to Apply Eyeliner Lightly


Eyeliner is a type of cosmetic used along the rim of the eye. It has different kinds for users to choose which can create effects from the dramatic to the subtle. There are four main categories of eyeliner available, liquid, powder-based pencil, wax-based pencil, and kohl. Liquid and pencil eyeliners are available in nearly every imaginable color, including glitter varieties.

Liquid and pencil eyeliner are as different as night and day in terms of appearance, application and longevity. In general, pencil eyeliner is recommended for novices because it is easier to apply. Applying liquid eyeliner is also easier once a makeup artist has mastered the basics of applying eyeliner, and learned to steady his or her hand. Some people develop a preference for one type of eyeliner early on, however, and simply like the look of it over the other. But it’s hard to say which one is better as both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The difference in appearance can be quite noticeable depending on how much is applied and where. Liquid eyeliner tends to have a wetter look, similar to paint that is not dry, but is also bolder than pencil eyeliner. When applied, liquid liner goes on in a very thin line, whereas pencils have bigger lines. In addition, liquid eyeliner stays put and generally cannot be smudged to make the line bigger. This is where pencil eyeliner excels; it can be smudged to give the wearer a more rugged or professional look, depending on how much it is smudged.

They have different ways to apply eyeliner by liquid and pencil eyeliner. With pencil eyeliner, the wearer can simply apply the liner with one stroke, then smudge it to create a softer line. Liquid eyeliner is typically applied in small, short strokes because applying it in one stroke is extremely difficult. If a mistake is made when applying pencil eyeliner, it can usually be smudged to perfection or just wiped off. Most liquid eyeliners are difficult to remove, which is useful for people who wear makeup for long hours, but frustrating to fix mistakes or remove before bed.

The key to pulling off an eyeliner application that appears lighter than usual, yet makes a difference in your look, is to apply it not necessarily with a light hand, but discreetly, as though you did not line your eyes at all. This creates the effect of lashes that seem to be naturally lush for those times you want a no-makeup look.

Decide on the eyeliner color you want to use. If you have dark lashes, black is acceptable. If you have lighter lashes, use soft black or medium to dark brown. Use a skinny eyeliner pencil if you can find one. If not, at least sharpen your eyeliner for a precise point. It is easier for you to apply eyeliners if the texture of your pencil is creamy.

Work the color directly into your upper and lower lash lines and not onto the skin of your eyelids as you may typically do. Do not extend the eyeliner past the outer corner of your eye either. Keep the liner strictly on your lash lines. Proceed to Step 3 for an alternative method.

Run a eyeliner pencil in black or soft black along the waterline or inside rim of your top lash line. Retractable eyeliners are especially creamy and not at all painful to apply. Skip the inner rim of your bottom lash line if you want discreet definition, as eyeliner is more visible here. Models and celebrities always use a technique called tightlining to makeup their eyeliners.