How to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows


Have you ever wondered why the big fuss about Eyebrow? Are Eyebrows are so important as they are the frame to your face. Beautifully shaped eyebrows have the ability to allure and engage eye contact in almost a mesmerizing fashion. Your eyebrows are critical for those around you to read your expression without uttering a single word from your lips. Intriguing thought! The first step to perfect brows is to purchase the necessary tools so that you can insure lovely coiffed eyebrows every morning.

1. Buy some necessary tools - a good eyebrow brush, tweezers, eyebrow pencil and cheap hair gel.

2. Put your new tools in your favorite Cosmetic Bag. Never leave town without them.

3. Pull the skin tight and pluck hairs beneath the natural arch, in the direction they are growing, but go easy and keep checking both your eyebrows in the bigger mirror as well, as sometimes if you try to make both exactly the same they don't look great together from a distance.

4.To determine the inner edge, line up a pencil vertically against one nostril. Your brow should begin where it meets your forehead. And measure again to find where the outside of your brow should end.

5. Hold your eyebrow pencil so it's lying sideways against the brow, then sketch the fine lines of your brow to define them. Experiment with which shade looks best for your eyebrows and complexion. Too dark is not good as it will tend to make your brows overtake your face instead of complimenting it.

Shaping eyebrows properly is absolutely critical to the overall appearance of your face. Eyebrow pencils not only shape and define the eye, but they also allow for a variety of expressions. Shaping your eyebrows incorrectly may make you look perpetually surprised or inexplicably angry. Because of the delicacy of this procedure, tweezers are the best way to maintain control of your look and carefully modify it. Using eyebrow pencils may be challenging at first, but you can do it better by practice. Once you have found the proper shape for your eyebrows you will find that you only need to do clean up and maintenance around your already defined eyebrow outline. With steady maintenance you will find the hair grows back less often and thinner, and that the discomfort of the procedure is substantially lessened.

Ensure that both of your eyebrows are symmetrical. If your hair is sparse in any area you may need to use an eyebrow pencil to fill it out. If you pluck the incorrect area, resist the urge to even it out--this will throw your entire eyebrow off-balance. Rather, fill the area in temporarily and wait for it to grow back.

Using eyebrow pencils properly will show your features and accentuate the symmetry of your face. With more practice and the correct tools, anyone can achieve perfect eyebrow at home.