can be customized to customer needs

annual output of 20 million pens

  • Injection

  • UV

  • Pressroom

  • Assembly

  • warehouse

Department of quality:
from material storage products
to a library,various aspects of monitoring

Technical team: Our engineers have rich experience in cosmetic packaging industry and all of them had focus on the pencil packaging field for more than 3 years. It’s divided into 3 groups, the innovation group, the design group and the mould processing group. Which makes your ideas be able to become products.

Production team: Our annual ability is about 20 million pencils dated in the year 2016 and are keep growing year by year. We have our own injection workshop, assembly workshop, printing workshop, spray coating workshop and plating workshop. Which makes sure the order delivery on time.

Quality Control Team: Actualizing various aspects monitoring for every order from raw material to goods. Including sampling inspection each 2 hours per time in every tache of the production process, and the delivering into and out of warehouse checking for semi-finished goods. Which makes every pencil in high quality.